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As a kid growing up in the early 2000's, Vikram has always had a fascination with cartoons, films, video games and anime but when he learned that there were people out there who voice his favourite characters, his mind was already set in stone that voiceover will be his career.


Vikram also has an extensive history with theatre and drama as he started doing school plays when he was 7 years old and continued that passion of acting for plays in high school as well as competitive improv.

He also has a Bachelor of Performing and Screen Arts degree for On-Camera and On-Stage Acting. Starting out his VO career at 16, Vikram has seven years of VO experience. Vikram will always be ready to take direction, adapt and provide an excellent performance for any and all clients. You can always rely on Vikram to give it his absolute all each and every single time inside and outside the booth.


With a passion like his alongside his burning spirit to fan the flames of success you can always tell that he can and will accomplish everything he can to bring every character and project to life. 

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